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June 17th, 2020

Congressional Candidate Paperboy Love Prince (NY-7) to host Juneteenth Celebration

Continuing their efforts of spreading Love throughout the community,  congressional candidate (NY-7) Paperboy Love Prince will host a “Juneteenth Jam” on Friday, June 19, 2020. The event kicks off at 4pm on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Broadway in Brooklyn, NY.

Juneteenth, which dates back to June 19th, 1865 when the last enslaved people in Galveston, Texas were freed, commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

As part of Friday’s Juneteenth Jam, Paperboy Prince and their supporters will give away 50 pizzas to members of the community. The campaign is also seeking further donations to achieve the goal of giving away fifty more pizzas this Friday. Supporters are encouraged to go to and click “Donate” to give.

Prince, a rapper, performance artist and community ambassador of Love, will speak to the people, perform music and celebrate life with his peers in Brooklyn. All are welcome to attend. Attendees will be encouraged to wear masks and practice safe social distancing as recommended by New York State and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The event comes as Paperboy Love Prince embraces a surge of community support leading up to election day on June 23rd, 2020. Earlier this month, the campaign opened an office and protest resource center at 184 Noll St. in Brooklyn, NY. The center will continue to serve Black Lives Matter activists and demonstrators who are taking a stand against police brutality, racist violence and racial disparities in the criminal justice system amid mass protests nationwide following the horrific police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis,
Minnesota on Memorial Day.

Last Friday, June 12, Paperboy held a “Protest Party Parade” on Myrtle and Broadway, attended by hundreds of people. They came to hear and spread the message of love and inclusion while peacefully speaking out against racial injustice.

In Congress, Paperboy Love Prince will fight for Medicare for All; a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 dollars a month; defunding police; ending the War on Drugs; pardoning nonviolent drug offenders; abolishing I.C.E.; and introducing public “Democracy Dollars” stipends, so that people can contribute directly to politicians and issues they care about. Above all, Paperboy Love Prince is committed to spreading love and the Juneteenth Jam will be a manifestation of their passion.

Prince is running in the Democratic primary for New York’s 7th congressional district, which encompasses areas of Bushwick, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, East New York, Greenpoint, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Red Hook, Boerum Hill, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn; Ridgewood, Maspeth, Woodside and Woodhaven in Queens; and the Lower East Side, Chinatown and the East Village in Manhattan.

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Juneteenth Jam
Juneteenth Jam

May 14th, 2020

NY- 7 Congressional Candidate Paperboy Prince: House Coronavirus Bill Must Contain UBI, Universal Healthcare

Paperboy Prince is not reluctant to criticize Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy
Pelosi, over Pelosi’s recently released three trillion dollar Coronavirus bill. Paperboy is
especially upset at the abandonment of a proposed universal basic income, and a
complete lack of anything concrete in regards to healthcare. In a time of not just an
unprecedented health crisis, but the worst economic crisis since at least the Great
Depression, Paperboy is livid, and calls the bill “unacceptable” in its current form.

“Right now, I believe this is unacceptable,” said Paperboy, the Brooklyn musical artist
and Congressional candidate. “You’re telling me that Congress can spend three trillion
dollars, and only find room for one more $1200 check to the people, while the economy
is still shut down in much of the country? The check isn’t even for everybody! We need
a UBI, and we need universal healthcare,” says Paperboy. “How come they didn’t even
address healthcare? Do they realize we are living in a pandemic?”

Paperboy, who has made Universal Basic Income and Medicare For-All central tenants
of their campaign, understands the need for negotiation with Republicans, and other
members of Congress who may not be ideologically on board with these types of
policies. But Paperboy does not believe that Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer are doing
a good job at negotiating. Paperboy promises to fight hard for the policies he supports,
and the policies that will benefit the people of NY-District 7. Paperboy also fires shots at
Republican leaders reluctant to spend money in order to help the people. 

“I’m tired of hearing when politicians, powerful people, say that they have to make
concessions, whether it’s to Republicans, or anyone else. And I’m especially tired when
representatives say that they can’t afford things that help the people. It’s the people’s
money that you are dealing with, it’s not your money. When I get in Congress, I will fight
for what I believe, and most importantly I will fight for what the people of my district
need. No excuses.”

Paperboy has spent a lot of time in recent weeks volunteering to give food and supplies
to people in need in New York City. Paperboy has seen the toll that this crisis has taken,
and especially understands the importance of getting important, long-lasting policies
done rather than just bickering about partisan issues.

May 13th, 2020

Paperboy Prince, NY-7 Congressional Candidate, Calls NYC Subway Fees a “Tax On The Poor”; Calls For Its Cancellation During COVID Crisis

A Future Representative Takes Aim at DeBlasio, NY City Council

Paperboy Prince, one of two Congressional candidates on the ballot in the Democratic
Primary in New York’s 7th District is forcefully calling on Mayor DeBlasio and the New
York City Council to cancel all subway tickets and fees during the Coronavirus crisis.
Paperboy wants this policy to be maintained until there is greater accountability and
transparency among where the ticket revenue is going towards.

“This was a problem before the COVID-19 Crisis began, and the fact that there are
people still getting arrested for not paying a $2.75 ticket is criminally unjust,” says
Paperboy. “These constant subway fees are a tax on the poor, and on the middle class.
Mayor DeBlasio doesn’t need to pay to be escorted to Brooklyn every day, but a poor
person in Brooklyn has to pay a fee just to get to work everyday, and risk being exposed
to the Coronavirus. It’s preposterous, and it has to stop.”

-Paperboy Prince, Brooklyn Rapper, Congressional Candidate and Future Representative from NY-7

Paperboy, a Brooklyn rapper and activist, has long expressed their distaste for New
York’s subway fees, and lack of accountability. Paperboy joined protestors last fall who
called for justice after police pointed a gun at a black man for hopping the subway toll in
Hoyt Schermerhorn Station. Paperboy’s song “Hop the Train” was released last
February, in which he artistically expresses such calls. Paperboy believes that until we
can trust the police not to abuse their power against black Americans, and until we have
a good idea where the money from the fees is going towards, all fees should be
cancelled. There are also important safety concerns for doing so, as eliminating such
fees would reduce the need for MTA workers and police officers to come into close
contact with citizens, and would reduce the risk of New Yorkers spreading the deadly
Coronavirus. When thousands of New Yorkers are dying, this is the time to be
spreading love and coming together. Not to be locking people up for petty offenses.
We wish you the best, and hope you are staying safe, healthy, and well. Thank you.

April 29th, 2020

Paperboy Prince calls ballot bingo selection rigged to favor Nydia Velazquez; Threatens to sue Board of Elections

Paperboy Prince is furious about what he calls the “blatant rigging” of the Bingo game that sets up the New York State ballot order to favor their opponent, Nydia Velazquez.

“There is a clear lack of transparency here,” says Paperboy. “The video doesn’t show the balls randomly deposited into the Bingo drum. They showed it for every single other candidate in the video, except for my opponent. The chances that she (Nydia) goes first and draws a #1 are less than miniscule.”

Paperboy reveals that he is especially concerned not for his own election chances, but wants to prevent future elections from being influenced by commissioners, many of whom are unelected officials, and have close connections with the established leaders of New York’s political parties. He is committed to suing the Board of Elections if the contest is not redone in a more transparent fashion.

“It’s not about me,” says Paperboy. “It’s about my supporters, it’s about the American people, and it’s about fixing a rigged system. The rigging is so blatant, they are doing it right in front of our faces. I have no doubt that I am going to win big, no matter where I am placed on the ballot. But when I see corruption, I have to call it out.”

Paperboy says that his chief reasoning behind suing the Board of Elections is to increase transparency for the ballot drawing process. As part of a larger strategy to increase voter turnout and get his constituents more engaged in politics, he wants to demonstrate how the system works against outsiders, especially for minorities, the poor, and other disadvantaged groups. 

“I’m not going to let them drag me by the balls like this. I can’t let my constituents down without fighting back.”

April 28th, 2020

Paperboy Prince demands Congress return to work. Promises to never turn their back on the American people

After the House of Representatives decided to cancel their initial decision to return to Washington on Monday, May 4, NY-7 Congressional Candidate Paperboy Prince was livid. 

“How can we trust our representatives to ever get anything done for us if they are too cowardly to even show up to work? There is no time more important for them to be at work than right now, when thousands of Americans are dying each day, and millions of Americans are hungry, or can’t pay the bills! When I am in Congress, I promise to never turn my back on the American people.”

-Paperboy Prince, NY-7 Congressional Candidate

Paperboy, the only primary challenger to Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez in New York’s 7th District, is especially furious with party leadership. This includes not only Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi as well. Paperboy promises that when he gets elected to Congress, he will not stand for such a cowardly act, no matter which party or which representative deems it appropriate. Paperboy also calls out their opponent, Nydia Velazquez, for silently obliging by the Congressional leaders’ decisions. 

“We have doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line every day,” said Paperboy. “And our representatives are too scared to go to work? Either they can come up with a system to make remote voting easier, or they should get their asses into D.C immediately. I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat making the call to stay home, when I am elected, you bet I will be going into work. I’m not going to silently oblige by party orders like my opponent.” 

Paperboy is now hosting daily press conferences at 6 PM on a LiveStream connected to Instagram and YouTube. Please feel free to join these live-streams however convenient to you. We hope you are staying safe, healthy, and well. 

April 27th, 2020

Challenger to Nydia Velazquez wants to give $1 million to minority small business owners

Paperboy Prince is proposing a $1 Million grant to all minority small business owners. In doing so Paperboy is taking a bold step that no other candidate in NY-7 will even dare to try- including small business committee member, Nydia Velazquez. Paperboy Prince is proposing a Universal Basic Income for local small businesses, in New York, and all throughout the country. Just as the American people deserve monthly direct cash payments to help them survive, so do small businesses. Every small business owner will get a guaranteed payment that will help them pay their rent, invest in improving their services, and attract new customers. 

In addition to this policy, Paperboy Prince will demand that the banks accept all PPP loans to small businesses, as many are currently shut out, especially minority small business owners. Big banks have a long track record of discriminating against minorities, and it appears that minority small business owners, especially African-Americans, have disproportionately been shut out of PPP loans. In fact, PPP loans have so far proven to have been insufficient for everyone- according to a recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 80% of small businesses that filed for such loans have yet to receive them. As the second round of funding for PPP resumes today, it is absolutely essential that we ensure that these businesses are receiving these loans, and the banks in charge of providing them are not discriminating against anyone in doing so. 

“If you are a small business owner, please be aware of the programs available to you, and do not refrain from raising your voice to demand that the government does better. Call on representatives, call your governors, call the White House if you must. I cannot guarantee what will happen, but I can guarantee that I will join you in your fight.”

April 26th, 2020

Congressional candidate, Paperboy Love Prince, has qualified for the ballot for the NY-7 Democratic Primary on June 23rd, 2020

Paperboy Love Prince, a rapper, activist, and web developer, has officially qualified for the ballot for Congress. Paperboy is excited to be one of just two candidates running to represent New York’s 7th District in the Democratic Primary. Paperboy plans to ramp up his campaign and outreach efforts in order to reach out to every person in the 7th District, as well as to be able to best represent their needs and address their concerns. 

There was a bit of controversy involved in Paperboy’s journey to getting on the ballot. While Paperboy collected and submitted over 400 signatures, well over the new amount of total signatures set by the Board of Elections under the most recent executive order. However, an objection was filed to the petition, and the majority of signatures were deemed invalid. Paperboy eloquently objected to the objection, pointing out technical issues and mistakes on the objection petition itself, invalidating the objection and putting Paperboy squarely on the ballot. 

Paperboy plans to greatly increase his outreach efforts over the next two months before the Primary Election is held on June 23rd. Paperboy plans on hosting daily zoom calls, press conferences, and livestreams to voters in the district to be able to make his policy ideas known, as well as to hear from all his future constituents. Paperboy also plans to help with relief efforts from New York City’s ongoing COVID 19 Crisis, as well as its economic fallout. This will include delivering food in a bubble costume to those in need, and raising donations to help emergency workers on the front line of this crisis. Paperboy also plans on making the newly established PPP(Paycheck Protection Program) permanent, by establishing direct cash payments from the government. More details on Paperboy’s plans to keep New York’s great small businesses alive will come soon.

Paperboy’s core policies include a Universal Basic Income of at least $1,000 a month, including a $2,000 a month direct cash payment for the remainder of this crisis. Paperboy was a volunteer for the Andrew Yang campaign, the former presidential candidate who also championed UBI. Paperboy also promises to fight for Medicare For 

All, lower housing prices, and wants to bring forth new ideas that will represent the creativity of the district they represent. One such idea to enable this process is to create an app to allow constituents to vote on their representative’s time. Paperboy would be happy to pilot this test with his own district. 

We hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and well, as we get through this dire time in New York. Paperboy will do everything in his power to fight for you and create a better future for New York-7, the United States, and the World. 

April 16th, 2020

Paperboy Prince, Sal Albanese says New York politics are corrupt without democracy dollars in new educational live stream 

This morning, NY-7 Congressional Candidate Paperboy Prince hosted Former New York City Councilman Sal Albanese in the first of several “Masterclasses”- a new initiative from Paperboy Prince with the intention of speaking with local New York political legends. Paperboy live-streamed the conversation w/Sal to a big audience on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Zoom. 

Paperboy hopes the initiative will go a long way in informing his viewers about the problems in the New York political system, but most importantly, how to get involved to make changes for the better. Paperboy believes it is essential that New Yorkers, especially young, politically motivated New Yorkers learn more about the details of the system, the disparities that currently exist in it, and how to overcome the obstacles and beat the system. 

Sal Albanese spoke for a long time about his own political history; from getting elected to the school-board in the 1970s by a margin of 7 votes, to his tenure in the city council, and an unsuccessful run for mayor against Rudy Guliani. Sal has been an important figure in New York local politics for years, as he has been a consistent force in calling out the corruption in the system. Sal is a big fan and advocate for “Democracy Vouchers” a.k.a “Democracy dollars”, a system where the local governments donate money to people that they can spend in elections. He hopes that these grants of $ to the people can help challenging candidates overcome the advantage that wealthy and corporate-backed candidates often receive. As a supporter of Andrew Yang, Paperboy supports Yang’s proposal of “Democracy Dollars” which would take the same concept of Democracy Vouchers and apply them to the state and federal levels. NY-10 Congressional Candidate Jonathan Herzog, and a few others, have also championed this approach. 

Paperboy asked Sal several questions from the viewers, which consisted of topics ranging from how challengers can overcome the money deficit, to what to do about the current petition to have the Board of Elections cancel objections and save lives. Sal believes that while money deficits can be difficult to overcome, some people have a “sixth sense to BS,” and that getting new people involved and educated in the political system can go a long way. 

Paperboy plans on hosting more of these events with various New York political figures, as well as finding ways to get the community involved in such a chaotic time. We wish you and your loved ones all the best. 

April 6th, 2020

A list of demand for Coronavirus response

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has caused a crisis the likes of which we have never seen before. First and foremost, it has killed thousands of New Yorkers, including many great heroes of our city and state. This crisis is not just a health crisis, nor is it just an economic crisis, but it is a societal one. A crisis with an impact this big must have solutions equally as big to solve it. If we do not make any changes, millions of people will become broke, homeless, and hungry. The current measures that various levels of government have taken, from the CARES act passed by Congress, to local measures in New York, have not gone nearly as far as we need. Paperboy Prince is calling the state and federal government to implement these 10 demands immediately. This is not meant to be political or ideological, but to save the lives of people who are struggling. There is no time to wait. New Yorkers need these solutions now.  Here they are: 

  1. Cancel All Rent– All rent and mortgage payments should be cancelled until the end of the national/state state of emergency, period. 
  2. Universal Basic Income- starting w/$2,000 for every adult and $700 for every child each month throughout the crisis, will be down to $1,000 by end of the national state of emergency for every adult.
  3. Free Healthcare for All– The federal government should pay and/or waive the entire cost of medical treatment for not only the Coronavirus treatments but all medical treatments. This should be the case for at least throughout the time of the Coronavirus Crisis, but preferably, this should become the new government policy for good. 
  4. Small Business Loans– Small businesses make up the backbone of NY-District 7’s economy, and we must help them in this time of unprecedented economic turmoil. The state and federal government should loan them money to survive, and these should be forgiven if the businesses retain ALL of their employees throughout the time of the state of emergency.
  5. Free Food for All– The government should go beyond the D-SNAP and free meals at schools and deliver a package of food directly to your door, at least throughout the time of this crisis. This can be done in connection with the proposed AHA(American Harvest Act), which would deliver food from American farms to people’s doors. This program will not come at the expense of other programs/food stamps.
  6. Use the DPA(Defense Protection Act) to make as many ventilators and masks as possible and send many of them to NYC, as we have by far the biggest COVID crisis out of any city in the United States. While this act is currently in effect at this moment, we call for more transparency into which companies are making supplies, and where these supplies are being sent. 
  7. Bail Out The Hospitals– The Government should pay hospitals for all the costs necessary for Coronavirus treatment, and immediately bail out any hospitals that go bankrupt. If they can bailout big corporations and banks, they can bail out the hospitals. 
  8. Free Non-violent Offenders(including illegal immigrants in ICE facilities at border) so they can avoid crowded areas where disease can spread quickly.
  9. Hazard Pay for Essential Workers(nurses, doctors, supermarket owners, subway operators, truckers, farmers, etc.) These hard-working heroes all deserve a raise. 
  10. Protect our Freedoms– We must fight back against any attempts from the government(whether at the federal or state level) to become authoritarian in time of crisis. Such acts can be exemplified by the Patriot Act after 9/11, the EARN IT Act currently in the Senate, or the new and unconstitutional Rhode Island proposal to go door to door to arrest New Yorkers fleeing to the state. 

We will update our demands and proposals as the crisis develops. 

We would like to hear from you, the people of the 7th District, to add to this list, or modify certain details to best suit your needs. Please contact (727 379 2327) if you would like to get in touch. Thank you, and I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and well. 

March 31st, 2020

Congressional candidate and rapper, Paperboy Prince, thanks all essential workers and community members.

Dear Essential Workers, Community Leaders, and People of New York’s 7th District, Paperboy Prince would like to thank all grocery store workers, bodega owners, cooks, farmers, truckers, and stock workers who are keeping our food supply intact, and preventing thousands if not millions from starving. Paperboy would like to thank all Uber drivers, taxi drivers, and subway operators who are still out there on the streets, braving the global pandemic to get essential workers from place to place. You are helping to save lives, and we greatly appreciate your service.

Finally, Paperboy Prince would like to extend his deepest gratitude to the nurses, doctors, and volunteers who are going into hospitals with high risk of contracting the virus, and still putting everything on the line to treat patients and save lives. We would also like to thank those construction workers who are converting convention centers and universities into emergency hospitals to make this possible. All of you are American heroes, and you deserve not just our thanks, but a nice pay raise. Best of luck. It’s Our Time!!


Paperboy Prince, Congressional Candidate for NY’s 7th District

March 25th, 2020

Paperboy Prince calls for $2,000 for every American adult, and $700 for every child in extend emergency UBI package.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has hit hard around the world, causing sickness, death and economic destruction, and the United States is no exception. Drastic situations require drastic measures, but they also require sensible and practical measures. Universal Basic Income, a.k.a the Freedom Dividend, would satisfy all of the above. Implementing Andrew Yang’s version of the Freedom Dividend would give every American, regardless of income level or tax liability, a direct cash payment of at least $1,000 a month.

Unlike many representatives in the government, who have merely adopted the idea of direct cash payments to Americans as a temporary emergency response, Paperboy Prince has been calling for the implementation of the Freedom Dividend since Day 1 of his campaign. A universal basic income for all Americans has in fact been Paperboy’s core issue. All Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation deserve to have some access to the wealth of our great country, more than ever at a time of great crisis like today. Because of the circumstances, Paperboy would at this moment like to go above and beyond the initial freedom dividend and make the first cash payment $2,000 to every American adult, as well as an additional $700 for each dependent child.

We do not believe in attaching strings or means testing this cash payment, and we call on Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional leaders to do the same. Means testing creates unnecessary beuaracracy which will delay important aid to struggling Americans. More importantly, the current cutoff for emergency cash payments of $99,000 is insufficient, as there are Americans making $100,000 or more who are losing their jobs, or no longer making any money due to lack of business. The solution is clear- no means testing, and no strings attached. Nor can this solution be a temporary one. For the past several years, Americans have been hearing how great and wonderful the economy was- but the news overlooked many important truths. The economy was not working for tens of millions of Americans working paycheck to paycheck, unable to afford their health insurance, or meet the growing housing prices every month. The safety net we have was not sufficient for unemployed people, or low wage workers before Coronavirus ever hit. Now these facts have become so obviously clear that even many Republicans, including President Trump have called for direct cash payments. But their temporary measures will not be nearly enough. While COVID-19 should eventually go away, the economic effects may last for a very long time. Economists say that unemployment could rise to 20-30% of the workforce, a number not seen since the height of the Great Depression. GDP is projected to drop at rates that have never been seen before for the next couple months. The large percentage of workers in the gig economy, as well as freelancers will still struggle to pay their bills, and these types of workers make up a significant percentage of District 7’s workforce. Universal basic income is a permanent solution, not a temporary one, and it must be treated that way.

Finally, Paperboy Prince would like to call on Representative Nydia Velazquez to step up and provide real leadership during this time of crisis. While we commend her efforts to call on the President to suspend evictions, Congresswoman Velazquez has not taken the lead on an economic relief package for Americans. Paperboy Prince has been pushing for Universal Basic Income since Day 1 of their Congressional Campaign, and we have not seen Nydia take a position on this issue. We simply do not believe that Nydia Velazquez has not taken the leadership that her position requires in her representing her district, nor has she come up with the creative, drastic approach that times like this require. The people of NY-District 7 deserve a leader, not a follower. In addition to Universal Basic Income, Paperboy Prince will make it a priority to listen to the ideas of his constituents to come up with more ideas and solutions to solve this crisis.

To the residents of NY-District 7, and all across the country, thank you for reading, and we will keep you updated with more policies and solutions to solve the Coronavirus Crisis, as well as the other issues facing this district. We hope you stay safe, healthy, and well.


Paperboy Prince, Congressional Candidate for NY’s 7th District