Legislative Philosophy: Spread Love To Everyone

What Does Paperboy Prince Support?

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Universal Basic Income ($1,000/month to every American)

$1,000/month universal basic income for every American over 18.

  • The Freedom Dividend is a $1,000 a month payment just for you that all Americans will receive from the government with no strings attached!
  • The primary reason for implementing the freedom dividend is to serve as an efficient safety net in a time of economic uncertainty, and with the threat of mass unemployment in the near future due to automation.
  • The freedom dividend will be pegged to inflation, with the annual monthly payments increasing alongside inflation. However, the dividend cannot deflate(go under $1,000 a month) if US prices drop due to a recession.
  • The money you receive with the freedom dividend is 100% yours, and you can spend it on whatever you would like! We believe that individuals are best suited to determining their own needs and choices.
  • The Freedom Dividend has an opt-out. If for whatever reason you would not like to receive the dividend, you do not have to accept it. You can also consider donating your monthly paycheck to charity to help those in need.
  • The Freedom Dividend is not a “libertarian Trojan horse.” It will not disqualify you from receiving any existing welfare benefits, and if you prefer your current welfare benefits to the Freedom Dividend, you are not required to accept the paycheck.
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Medicare For All

Expand Medicare to cover all Americans.

  • Americans today live in a broken healthcare system. We spend twice as much money as most industrialized countries on the cost of healthcare, yet we receive poorer quality care than many. About 500,000 great Americans go bankrupt every year because they cannot afford their health insurance. We must improve the healthcare system so that it works for all Americans; including the hard-working residents of 7th District!
  • Paperboy’s solution is pretty simple: to have the federal government pay for the costs of your healthcare, if you desire. Most other developed nations ensure that all their citizens have a right to receive the healthcare they need, and it is time that we do just that and fight for universal, affordable access to healthcare.
  • Paperboy Care will allow you to keep your freedom of choice: If you like your private plan, and would prefer to stay on a private plan rather than be insured by the government, you can do so. If for whatever reason, you do not want to be insured whatsoever, we believe that you have the right to remain uninsured. But you can opt-in to Paperboy Care at any time for no cost out of your wallet.
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Democracy Dollars

  • Paperboy Prince is calling for a $500 stipend paid from the federal and state governments that can only be used for citizens to donate to political campaigns.
  • Giving the people $ will create a balancing factor against the money currently in the system, much of which comes from big corporations and billionaires. 
  • The stipend can also be used for people who want to run for office to help fund their own campaigns. There are many financial barriers for poorer and underrepresented people who want to run for office themselves, and lack the financial means to do so. Democracy Dollars will give people a starting contribution, and can help others fund these campaigns as well. 
  • At the local level, “Democracy Vouchers” which are the same thing as Democracy Dollars have proven to work. Seattle is one example. 
  • Democracy Dollars is just one of a number of important reforms Paperboy will fight for in order to help increase people’s participation in government, and give “ordinary” people the tools to run for office and make our country more Democratic. 
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Spread Love to Everyone

  • We need to make spreading love a focus of our priorities at all levels of our society, from the government on down.
  • In accordance with our mission to spread love and strengthening our ties as a community, we will work to establish national community centers in every congressional district in America.
  • Our community centers will allow people of all backgrounds to come together and hang out, play sports, video-games, and other activities; make new friends, and unite as Americans.
  • Our community centers will also act as centers for big, new entrepreneurial ideas to take shape. They can potentially serve as centers for local businesses and/or town fairs, concerts, and showcases.
  • Outside of policy, we encourage Americans to have more parties, celebrations, and spread the love!!
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