Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs' Official Electronic Press Kit


Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Washington DC by way of IndoAfrica. He has a unique way of using music and comedy to take you through a spiritual and emotional experience with every performance. Many describe the music as Soulja Boy meets Weird Al Yankovich meets Nelson Mandela.

Paper has performed in 8 different countries and counting, including Spain, France, Germany and Amsterdam. His 200+ YouTube videos have been seen by millions. His message is "spread love...its contagious".


Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs, a rapper from Washington DC who lives in Brooklyn, regaled the crowd with his song Tiptoeing in my Jeremys, performed in underpants and a dressing gown. The rest of his clothes were thrown on the ground. He agreed to answer the Guardian’s questions on condition he can broadcast them with his microphone. He also asked for a hug (which he received). “It’s going amazing, look how sexy all these people are,” he told us. “My plans are just to spread love.”  - The Guardian

The video (Abracadabra), as frantic as it may appear, is completely hilarious. Shot entirely on a selfie-stick, the whole production is as DIY as it gets. Bradley Beal, G-Man, John Wall and Kris Humphries all make cameos, and if you’re easily dizzy, it might trouble you.  - The Washington Post